Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There's magic in the Wind today

I absolutely love seeing all the yellow, red, and brown leaves swirling and dancing around the yard, carried hither and thither by every puff and huff of the Wind. If I peer very carefully, (which is rather difficult, seeing as how they're twirling at the rate of nobody's business,) I can spot a tiny, laughing fairy wrapped in each leaf. Seriously. Go look, if you don't believe me.

And if you don't see one, don't blame me. It's your faulty imagination that's to blame.

After a while, all those dancing leaves will come to rest in great sheets all over the yard and under the trees, and the bushes will be submerged 'neath a thick blanket. But have you ever stopped to think about the leaves that fall in the road? What is that like for them? It must be traumatizing. And depressing.

Little Leaf: "Oooohh... I finally made the scary journey down from the tip top of that big oak tree. Boy, I am so ready for a rest." (little leaf settles down to sleep)

Then suddenly, WHOOOSHHH, a monstrous, gas blowing machine zooms through and picks up all the resting leaves and spins them through the air. After they gather their scattered wits and breathe a sigh of relief, what should happen but another monstrous, gas blowing machine that spins them all through the air again. And then again. And again. No rest. No lying in heaps, gently stirred by passing breezes. Nope.

It's like the twilight zone for leaves.


realmccoy said...

such a vivid description-I love it!

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

nice description! lol :) just added your blog to my link list btw. i'll be checking in! :)

Katie said...

Thanks, Laura. I enjoy reading your blog, too.

And Trey - you crack me up with your enthusiasm, but I love it. :)