Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ummm... thanks?

While in nursery tonight:

Maggie: "Miss Katie, your earrings look like legos."


Saura Lnow said...

I'm not sure about girls... but coming from a little boy that would be a major compliment :)

Emily said...

I think that's a compliment from Maggie.

She's one of the most awesome little girls ever.

Jean Marie said...

First off, I heart the name Maggie, second, I happen to know that they HAVE lego earrings...and you can buy them online for not that expensive of a price! how awesome, eh? Or you could just save them for Maggie when she gets a wee bit older, hmm? :D

Ta DAAAA!!! I like the little fleur ones. :D

I love you, Betsin!

~ Tacy

Anonymous said...

that is... a very Maggie-ish thing to say.

the H