Thursday, July 14, 2011

An afternoon thunderstorm, spent in Good Company

Today, Mamaw and I went to visit one of her childhood friends, (who just happens to have one of the weirdest names ever - Vermel. Please don't be jealous of that name.)

We sat on Vermel's porch in rocking chairs, watching rain pour down in silvery, refreshing sheets, listening to a lone bird singing away in a nearby apple tree, while Mamaw and Vermel bemoaned the fact that their tomatoes aren't doing well, discussed each others families at great length, and took a few jaunts down memory lane when the opportunity presented itself.

They sat holding hands, talking about their aches and pains, their gratitude to God that He's allowed them to stay healthy enough to live in their own homes, various and sundry recipes that have failed or succeeded beautifully lately, and I was overwhelmed by peaceful happiness... watching these two ladies, who've lived such full, energetic, busy lives, and aren't content to sit back and do nothing now that they're old - they still bake and visit and grow tomatoes - but in a calmer, more relaxed way. (and if they get too un-relaxed, they get lectured by their grandchildren who want them to be here as long as possible.)

And I sat there thinking, "Yes, I want to grow old like this."


Gurtrude said...

Beautiful. I want to grow old like that, too. :)

Jean Marie said...

Ooh. mmm. me too. Perhaps we could start growing old now....relaxing in the moments, rather than just hurrying through them to get to the next time. :)

Emily said...

yay! my blogging KK is back!

oh yeah, I love your mamaw.

turinsblog said...

Wow. Haven't visited this site in a while. Welcome home....there.

nonie said...

Welcome back in many ways. I've really missed your stories. This one is especially sweet. Your friend Jean Marie has it relax and enjoy life now is great advice. The world is in too much of a hurry. Looking forward to more stories.