Monday, September 14, 2009

I'd really rather cough.

The medicine inventors must be smart, right? I mean, they concoct all these different medicines to help people with all kinds of illness. Therefore, they should certainly be able to make a liquid cough medicine that doesn't taste like roots and sticks and chemicalish things liquified together with ruined leftovers.

Calling it "cherry flavored" sure as shooting does not help. Because it ain't.

Anyone with half a taste bud in their mouth can tell that a cherry's cousin hasn't been in the same building as liquid cough medicine. It just makes your mouth get all set for the taste of cherry, only to be assaulted with the taste of witches' brew gone bad.

Do the medicine makers honestly think we're that stupid? Or do they blythely stick "cherry" on the label just for kicks?

"Hey, Jo, let's put something else on the cough syrup bottle!"
"Okay, Bill, what will we put?"
"Oh, I've always liked the way 'cherry' sounds, let's put that."


Courtney said...

Yeah, thanks for sharing that cough with your friends. I really appreciate it. Next time you drink my water and spread your cough germs all over my cup, warn me.

Katie said...

I'm sorry. Very sorry. I really am.


There. I've apologized.

elliebird said...

No way. Courtney, did you get the cold/cough, too?! That's...kinda funny...cause you warned Katie...

I know. I'm so sympathetic.

Amy said...

I. Despise. Cough syrup.

I just stand there and hold the bottle. Then I hold the spoon and the bottle. Then I stand there with the vile puddle in the spoon, hoping I'll have a muscle spasm and it will fall off the spoon, which would mean that God had ordained I not consume it. Then, after swallowing it, I stand there and gag until the hairs on my arms are all at attention. My mom says I'm such a baby.