Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Technological Fairy Tale of Sorts.

Once upon a time, there was a Happy Computer. It loved being used by its Nice Owners, and it tried to do all it could to please them. (Except when the Mama used it; this Happy Computer unexplainably didn't care for her, and often ate her emails and documents and minimized pages.) One day, our Happy Computer was merrily tripping through the lanes and winding roads of the internet when a nasty, dark, cruel Virus saw it coming. The Virus hid behind a website, waiting. When the Happy Computer skipped by, the Virus leaped out, grabbed the Happy Computer, strangled it, beat it up, called over all his cousins and friends to help, and generally mistreated it until the now Unhappy Compter was so contaminated it couldn't even turn on for its Nice Owners.

But that isn't the end.

The Nice Owners loved their Happy Computer so much that they promised to take him to a computer superhero who would search out the nasty, dark, cruel Virus and all his relatives, make them regret the day they attacked the Happy Computer, and send them on their miserable way without so much as a souvenir.

Right now, the Nice Owners have to come over to Laura and Trey's house to use their computer, which isn't half as thoughtful and faithful as Happy Computer.

Plus, their house is so cold that my fingers are like little pieces of ice after ten minutes of typing.

Get well soon, Happy Computer!


Nathan said...

poor happy computer.

Jean Marie said...

AAHahhahahaHAHAH! I'm pretty sure our Mommas would get along well. My Mom has shrieked from the other room, "NOOOOOOOO!! WHERE DID IT GOOO!!? JEAAAN!" HAHhahahhaa! ... and the only thing that happened was it minimized it down, or she had something in front of it. :D

I love it.
~ Tacy

Jacob said...

I am the computer superhero: I can point out the problem in two syllables:
Or three:
Aren't I a genius?

Courtney said...

yay for computer superheroes! i hope happy computer lives to see many happy years.

Lolly said...

Oh, the never-failing wittiness of Jacob... So sorry for the inconvenience of a cold house for you to type in, but if you'd like to pay our electric bill, we'd be happy for you to operate the thermostat.