Monday, April 26, 2010

An opportunity.

Would you like a unique, beautiful gift for someone you love, (or a happy for yourself?) These handmade necklaces not only look wonderful, the money generated from the purchase goes to feed Ugandan children, and the necklaces themselves are bought from poor women who have no other decent means to make money for food.

Read about how they are made and who makes them here.

Don't just skim.

Read it. Soak it in. Think about being one of those poverty stricken women who had to sell her body to put food in her children's mouths, or who had to feed her little babies alcohol because there wasn't anything else. Think about that woman being your mama, or your sister, or your friend.

Horrible, isn't it?

Now, how much of a strain is it to spend $18 on a necklace, ensuring that a certain group of women wouldn't have to go to those awful lengths to feed their families again?

Not very much.

The necklaces would be a great graduation gift, a Mother's Day gift, a birthday gift, or a just-because-I-want-to-do-something-tangible-for-someone-else's-life purchase.


Nasada said...

I have two!!!!

Jean Marie said...

I LOVE Katie and that amazing ministry she is blows me away that she is so young.....


Love you dear...
~ Tacy

Emily said...

Amazima had a booth at T4A . . . I sooooo wanted to get one of those.