Monday, March 1, 2010

Valuable information:

The record temperature low for March 1st, (which is today, in case you're living in la-la land and aren't aware of that amazing fact,) was 16 degrees in 1890, and the record high was 80 degrees in 1997.

Man, I wish time travel was an option. 'Cause I would so totally go back to 1997 and bask in the warm, blessed sunshine. I would mow the grass. (I've missed it, you see.) I would go on a picnic. (And yes, I'd share my bread with the ants.) I'd wear the bright green sundress I bought today, (it was on sale - yay!) I'd take my violin out on the roof and fiddle away to my heart's content.

Aren't you glad that they, (whoever that elusive "they" is,) took the time and energy to document the temperature of every single day of the year, including March 1st, so that we can day-dream to our freezing, bitterly cold hearts' content? I am.

By the way, if time travel was an option, and if I did go back to 1997, be assured that I would keep my fashion of today. Because, wow, were the nineties rough on the eyes. All that permed hair, all that gold jewelry, all those baggy t-shirts... all that hairspray... I bet that a hundred gallons of hairspray were used in one year by my older sister and my three first cousins alone.

(I know what some of you are saying - coughLauracough - "Just you wait, those fashions are coming back!" I know, I know. Some of those trends are okay. And I'm totally cool with the seventies coming back. Just not the two pairs of colored socks worn at the same time, the scrunchies, and the long dresses and white tennis shoes. Please, no.)

(Don't you love how my post about the weather turned into a fashion dissection? Yeah, I'm female.)


elliebird said...

what's hilarious about this is that half of what you listed as 90s fashion was actually just all of our people being super behind the times. that was more 80s. :)

Katie said...

Yeah, well, I led a sheltered life.

Emily said...

You should see my aunt's senior portrait. And her wedding pictures. Wow-wee, weddings were at their most insane overdone obnoxious. Her cake and dress could probably have fed and clothed a small nation.

'I'd take my violin out on the roof and fiddle away to my heart's content.'


Emily said...

KK! Have you seen this picture from our globetrotters:

I am soooo jealous. Well, not quite jealous; that's not right. But . . .you know.

Katie said...

Em: YES. Those weddings. Aren't you relieved you can be free of all the lace and seed pearls and fru-fru?

Ellie: On second thought, I'm pretty sure that my list was still moderately in style in the nineties, because Anna was up on fashion by then, and she wouldn't have worn totally eighties clothes and trends.

Jean Marie said...

I was at the beach two weeks ago. Was that helpful? Or not....more not? ohhh....okay.

Katie said...

Tacy! NO. That wasn't in the least helpful.