Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today, I was offered a full scholarship.

Too bad I have to join the National Guard to get it.


Virginia said...

Katie -- I really enjoy reading your posts. In fact, I like you so much, I may read "Anne of Green Gables" again just to prove myself wrong.

In Christ,
Virginia McCallum

Jacob said...

I'd take up that deal quickly, Katie. It can't be that bad a trade: all you have to do is wear camo, grin really wide to show off your shimmering teeth, and have your image featured in music videos holding little kids: and for all of this you'll receives the accolade of serving your country and your mom will receive several snazzy bumper stickers in addition to the scholarship. What more could you want?

(don't you dare accuse the National Guard of false advertisement.)

Amy said...

I remember talking to the army recruiter on the phone.
Man whose head I'm sure was buzzed: "So... you don't know what you want to do after highschool? Is that correct?"
Me: "That's correct. But I do know what I do NOT want to do."
Buzzhead: "What is that?"
Me : "Be in the military. Thanks for calling though."