Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello From Ethiopia

Hi, everyone! Sadly, I can't access blogspot from here, so I'm posting this via Laura. I had looked forward to sharing this experience with you, step by step, but it seems that's not to be. A quick overview: I arrived safely and sick, but I'm all better now, I miss my family a lot, but I am still convinced this is where God would have me to be right now, I have been to the orphanage three times now, and my biggest prayer request right now is that I would be able to show Christ's love to these unloved children in practical ways, and that I would know exactly "how". We are separated by a huge language barrier, but God is not limited, and I am resting in that knowledge.

I like some of the food and am not so crazy about the rest of it, but their hot tea is probably the hot tea that was drunk by the gods on Mount Olympis

Last, but not least, TREASURE YOUR ICE. No joke. I had no idea how much I loved cold, icy drinks until they were no longer available. So, drink a cold bottle of water for me. :)

I am a stranger, in a strange land, surrounded by different customs, different expectations, and different values. I have found, however, that I am most certainly not alone. Even when I feel most cut off from the fellowship I am used to, my Heavenly Father comes alongside me, takes my hand, and reminds me that He is with me and will never leave me. This promise has become sweeter to me than I can begin to describe.

I feel much closer to Him here than I did in America, surrounded by comfort and familiarity, but I know that isn't because He's greater or nearer here... it's because I didn't realize how MUCH I wasn't resting in Him back home.

I encourage each of you to "press on to know the Lord, for His coming is as sure as the morning, as the sweet spring rains that water the ground." Hosea 6:3


Anonymous said...


'nuff said.


Amy said...

Thinking of you daily!

nonie said...

Thanks for this update. I have checked several times and wondered if you'd be able to post. I am sure you are keeping a journal of some sorts. I think of you often and look forward to reading more. Dianne