Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's a Child's Life We're Talking About Here!

Last night, Laura, Lee, Ben and I went to help the Rileys petition at a festival in Pontotoc. (And let me assure you, Ben and Lee petitioned too. They went with Jake and Trey and both got several signatures on their own clip-boards.)

I still have a headache from the ridiculously loud music and the sorry Elvis impersonator, my feet ached something awful the whole way home, and I'm pretty sure my stomach hasn't recovered from the greasy, greasy, jumbo corndog I devoured at nine o'clock. In fact, it's still very angry at me.

But it was a great night, actually. I have no problem going up and making a nuisance of myself to perfect strangers, (it's a Strevel thing,) so I thought it was fun. And knowing that the things we did last night are steps towards outlawing abortion in Mississippi is wonderful. The responses I got were usually positive, although some were disheartening. Here's a sampling of some of the funniest:

Me to Older Man: "Would you be interested in signing this pro-life petition? It..."

Older Man: (interupting my pitch) "Sure."

Me: "Oh, okay." I really liked the ones who reached for the petition as soon as I said the words pro-life. It saved a lot of breath.

Older Man: "So, are you married?"

Me: "Ummm... nosir. "

Older Man: "Are you too young?"

Me: "Yessir."

Older Man: "Where do you go to school?"

Me: "I homeschool."

Older Man: "Where are you going to graduate from?"

Me: "My home. I homeschool."

Older Man: "But where are you going to graduate from?"

Me: (trying to take the petition and edge away) "You can graduate from home. It's legal."

Older Man: "Are you sure?"

Me: "Ummm... yessir. I'm positive. Thank you for signing!"

Me to Very Greasy Biker-looking Dude with loooong gray hair: "Would you be interested in signing this pro-life petition to amend the Mississippi constitution and define a baby as a person from the moment of fertilization?"

V.G.B-l.D.: "Now, what's this fer agin?"

I explained carefully again, using smaller words this time. Apparently they weren't small enough.

V.G.B-l.D: Blank look. "What does fertilization mean?"

Me: "The beginning of the baby. Basically, this amendment would make abortion illegal."

V.G.B-l.D: "Oh, sure, I'll sign that."

Me: "Great."

And my very favorite of the whole night... not funny, but encouraging.

Me to gentleman and wife: "Would y'all be interested in signing this pro-life petition to amend the Mississippi constitution and define a baby as a person from the moment of fertilization?"

Gentleman: "It is a person from the moment of fertilization."

Me: "Yessir, I know that, but hopefully this will make the rest of the state know it, too."

He and his wife both signed, and a little later, when I came across him again, he took a church packet and made his two friends sign too.

Basically, I love petitioning, even if I sounded like a broken record and was sweating like no man's business, since I had two cotton t shirts and a cami on. Don't even ask why.

I'm definitely doing it again.

p.s. If you live in Mississippi and want to get involved, you certainly may. Let me amend that - you certainly should. If you want to buy a t shirt, follow the link at the beginning of the post.


Anonymous said...

how cool!! how many people signed it?? thats really sweet..and neat..and no i didnt mean for those words to ryme. :D

Katie said...

Nasada: There were several of us petitioning, and all together we got about 850 signatures, I think.

Gertrude said...

That conversation with the first man was freaky!

Katie said...

Gertrude: Not really. When I say older man, I mean really older man. He was about seventy, or at least sixty something.