Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yummy, Yummy

I made brownies today, and since Lee and Ben were here, I let them lick the bowl... outside. So, I didn't watch them.

Just now, I walked past Ben and noticed a dark brown goo all in his hair. I leaned closer and felt of the dark brown goo, thinking it surely wasn't brownie mix. It wasn't just in his bangs, it was all the way back to the middle of his head. How could brownie mix get up there?

Little did I know.

Me: "Ben, what's this in your hair?"

Ben: "Chocolate, I guess."

Me: "How on earth did you get chocolate in your hair?"

Lee: "Oh, he stuck his whole head in the bowl to lick it with his tongue. He wouldn't use his finger like I did."

1 comment:

Gurtrude said...

I've done that before,but with cake mix