Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Musing. (Really, really random musing.)

You know what job I would really, really hate?

Testing the brightness of vehicle lights.

"No, that's not quite bright enough. Just a little mo... arghhh!!" ::few seconds later:: "Ummm.... I can't see anymore, is that a problem? Hello? Anybody there? What? Yeah, I'd say you need to dim those. Uhhh... I still can't see. Excuse me, what kind of insurance program do you provide? Does it include guide dogs?"

Think about it, people. Somebody has to do that, right? Else how would the auto makers know what degree of light is enough?

Do they use a machine? An experimental rat? Death row inmates? Or just some ordinary Joe lookin' to earn an honest dollar who gets blindsided? (Pun fully intended; I am my father's daughter.)

I'm leaning towards the rat option. Maybe they could teach him hand signals or something so that he could let 'em know when it was waaaay too bright. Or maybe he could squeak. You know, really high squeak for "ohmywordicannotseeanymore" or a low, deep squeak for "you need to pump it up a little."

Do rats have low, deep squeaks?

What was my post about?

Oh, yeah.

The job I wouldn't ever want.

Now you know.


Anonymous said...

Your last two were better...............
Then why was it this one that generated a response?
(By the way, I prefer the inmate thing, personally. Though, for the sake of retaining my status on this site, I will say that I quite understand why you should stand opposed to such a thing:-)

amelie said...

dude. you're hilarious. papa laughed out loud.

Katie said...

A. - Now THAT'S a compliment. Your papa is one of the funniest people I know.

J. - I'm not opposed to the inmate thing at all. Better use of their time than sitting around watching tv.