Saturday, June 27, 2009

It was Real, it was Fun, and it was Real Fun

Camp is over. I'm back to clean water, the mud-less, beetle free, air-conditioned house, and as always, I miss camp already. I miss the people, the talks, the Bible studies, the singing, the laughter, the watching-of-sports, (since I don't play any sport, except maybe fuse-ball on occasion,) the adorably filthy children running around barefooted, and the tremendous love that surrounds me. Watching the volley ball tournament. It was thrilling, as you can see.

The murky, fishy pond where Isaiah was determined to swim.

Phoebe doing arts & crafts.

Meg and Courtney getting in touch with their inner child on the see-saw.

The fierce masked terror in the grips of his fiercer Auntie Katie.

Courtney, Julia, Katie, and John.

Despite the blazing heat, I had a wonderful time, and as usual, can't wait for next year!

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beatrice said...

i really am just SO glad that you didn't post the pics from the little... ahem... competition eleanor and i had in the cabin. that would have been... yikes. ;) i miss you!

- claire