Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's A Love/Hate Relationship

I love mowing the grass because:

1. The smell of fresh cut grass is amazing
2. It's my own personal tanning bed
3. The yard looks so trim and beautiful when it's cut
4. I really like the power of being on a machine four times as big as I
5. Dogs don't like lawn mowers
6. No fear of stepping on snakes!
7. I can sing as loud as I want, because nobody can hear me over the roar of the mower
8. I can smack my chocolate covered coffee beans and slurp my ice water, because the mower doesn't really care about manners

I hate mowing the grass because:

1. I get filthy
2. I smell like oil and sweat and dirty machine
3. My eyes become filmed over by the fine layer of dirt and dust which the obliging wind sweeps into my eyes (and I won't wear goggles, glasses, or any other such thing, because, duh, it interferes with my tan)
4. My nose is filled with dirt and grit by the time I finish (okay, you probably didn't want to know that one)
5. There isn't a cup holder on the lawn mower
6. I hate the loud grinding, crunching noise the lawnmower makes when I run over sticks (It probably isn't too good for the mower, either)


turinsblog said...

"6. No fear of stepping on snakes!"
That's sad. I shouldn't read anti-snake propaganda. I almost stepped on a chicken snake at the Autry's house yesterday (I didn't notice it until I was standing over it). I grabbed the shovel and stared at it for five minutes, wondering what to do with it. I finally took off its head, and disposed of its carcass. But, and believe me this is true, I felt guilty afterward. Maybe it's the difference between you and me....or males and females.

Susannah {sevensisters} said...

I thought I could sing as loud as I wanted to when I mowed and nobody would hear me, but the next day a neighbor told me he heard me singing. Ummm...oops :D