Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Daddy

I had the most wonderful Daddy in the whole world. No, really, I did. He was my strong protector, the one I could always count on for a hug or a game or a story, and he taught me the most important thing a girl, or anyone, can ever learn: that earthly things pass away or become less important, but Christ's love is the most precious thing you can ever have. He lived on this, and I am so grateful for his love to God that showed itself in everything he said and did.

I want to encourage you, not only on the day the calendar sets aside as time for dad-appreciation, but especially now, to take time to say the simple words that mean so much. You never can be sure you have tomorrow to tell him how much you love him.

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Anonymous said...

I posted a comment on this last week, but I think Blogger ate it . . . have I mentioned that this loooong comment process drives me crazy? . . .
Anyway, I loved this post. Thanks for the reminder; you're always in our thoughts and prayers.