Thursday, June 18, 2009


Camp is almost here!!

So, break out the band-aids, the bottled water, the sleeping bags, the mosquito spray, the itching lotion for when the mosquitoes bite you anyway, the battery operated fans, the fishing poles, the roach killer for when they run across your pillow after lights out, the rubber flip-flops for the showers, the sunscreen, and then let the fun begin!

"If you like to go on vacation,
If you like to worship God,
If you like to camp in the boonies,
And to spend a week in the wiiiiiild....

Have we got the place for you!

Camp Moriah, Camp Moriah,
Camp Moriah, Camp Moriah,
Camp Moriah, Camp Moriah,
Camp Moriah.

No lights,
Rainy nights,
Pillow fights,

Making shirts,
KP work,
Gettin' hurt,

There's neverevereverever been a place like Camp Moriah!
There's nevereverever been a place like Camp Moriah!

It's time for Camp Moriaaaaaaaaahhh!!"

-That was an original song penned by the 2002 11-12 year-olds girl's council group. We wrote it to go with the Veggie Tales theme song music, so if you have an overwhelming desire to sing, go for it. And if you want to hear it performed by the original group, live, come to Camp next week, probably Thursday night. Come on, you know you want to! :)!

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