Monday, February 22, 2010

How not to fry dill pickles 101

First, have an unaccountable craving for those delicious fried dill pickles they make at Sonic.

Next, decide to cook them yourself, (how hard could it be, honestly?) so proceed to google recipes. There will be lots of options. Look at twenty of them, and decide they're all way too time consuming. (I have to whisk the egg? Sift the flour? Make a paste? Add cumin? Who on earth wants cumin in their fried dill pickles? Excuse me, recipe makers, I was thinking something more along the lines of "dip the pickle in the cornmeal, place in hot, greasy skillet." Apparently we just aren't thinking along the same lines, 'cause I sure as shooting ain't getting the mixer out to beat the dad-blame fried pickle batter!)

Now, choose to take the easy route, and just make your batter out of all the recipes' common denominator, which in this case turned out to be eggs and flour.

Mix flour and egg together in bowl.

Promptly feed disgusting, yellow, slimy mixture to cats.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Dip dill pickles in milk. (Suggested by AnnMarie's caregiver, who was much amused by my efforts.) Roll milky pickles in flour. Fry. Eat.

Thank your stars for ranch dressing, which covers a multitude of imperfections.

To conclude this valuable experience, call Sonic and thank them for their generous service to mankind.


Jean Marie said...

HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHA!!! I've never had a fried dill pickle from Sonic, but I now want one. I'm laughing at all this, Betsy....because you know why? IT reminds me of EVERYTHING STEW!!!

HAHAHAHA perfect of you, Betsy.

Much love,
~ Tacy

Saura Lnow said...

Haha :)
I think you're supposed to mix the eggs and the milk togther and then dip the milke/egg coated pickles in corn meal...or flour... either one

... at least that how my sister makes fried green tomatoes

Katie said...

Saura: I WOULD try that next time, except that I'll never fry dill pickles again. No sir, it's Sonic til the end of time.

Ellen said...

Haha- I've made 'em before from bisquick and milk with very delightful results :) Of course, I've also burnt my left hand rather severely while doing it :/ Try Zaxby's. We sometimes go there and have a meal of fried pickles, fried mushrooms, fried onion rings, and fried mozzarella cheese. YUMMMMM!

mamsie said...

guess what? Katie did indeed fry dill pickles again...late last night'passing fair'if her mother does say so herself. of course I had to sneak a couple cause she only made enough for one person...