Sunday, February 7, 2010

This right here is what you call history.

::UPDATE:: apparently I shouldn't cheer for a team. apparently I am bad luck. the Saints won. and you know what? i'm really okay with it, because I liked that team best. (plus, their coach is very handsome, and their uniforms are really awesome.) i just liked Peyton Manning enough to cheer for the Colts. 'kay. update ended. except to say I would HATE, DESPISE, and ABHOR to be in New Orleans right now. don't you know they're tearing the town down? oh, and Trey is about to have a heart attack. he really loves the Saints.

I am the TOTAL opposite of a sports person.


Believe me.

I mean, like, a few months ago I asked Lowell what a quarterback actually does.


My favorite part of ball games, (which I have to watch because I spend a ton of time with Lowell and Anna,) are the commercials, because that means the ball game isn't on.

Usually I don't even know what night the super bowl is, much less which teams are playing in it.

But this time, I have an opinion.

I have a team.

A team I want to win.

And not even because they have the most tasteful uniforms, which is usually the way I pick my teams.

I want the Colts to win, 'cause I really like Peyton Manning. He's pretty great, and he's Archie Manning's son.

So, now you know. I have a definite opinion about sports.

You should be amazed.


Courtney said...

I'm proud of you. Really I am.

I'm a huge advocate of sports and all. That is, basically every sport in existence EXCEPT FOR FOOTBALL. I don't get it. A bunch a rotund men running around in tight pants breaking each others' necks. Why is this entertaining again?

Anyway...I did not have a team. I did watch the Super Bowl. "Watch" as in, sat in front of the television and knitted. I did, however, look up every time a COMMERCIAL came on. But I really didn't care that the Saints won, other than the fact that I think Peyton Manning is kinda cool.

So there.

Jacob said...

I didn't see anything but some of the commercials. And the one with Tim Tebow was worth its weight in gold.

Katie said...

Yeah, I liked it, but I confess I didn't see that it should be quite as controversial as it was made out to be. I mean, a big deal wasn't made out of not aborting.
So, I just didn't see what the fuss was about.

Hannah said...

I hate football! I like to play it with my cousins, but I hate having to watch it! I don't see the point!