Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life is really amazing. Do you know that?

I've been down in south Mississippi all week, petitioning for the Personhood Amendment. We have to have 89,000 signatures by the 13th, and right now we have approximately 87,000.

I cannot tell you how much my feet hurt at the end of each day after standing in front of a store for six hours straight, asking hundreds of people to sign my petition. Like, they were begging me to cut them off, burn 'em, and bury the ashes in a remote location. I told them to hush up and be glad I was still speaking to them after they screamed at me for half the day.

I cannot tell you how much it hurt to have hand after hand shoot up in front of my face while their owners coldly walked away as I said the words "pro-life" or "help end abortion in Mississippi."

I cannot tell you how much I wanted to shake people until their teeth rattled ominously in their skull when they said "not right now" or "I'm too busy today." Too busy?! Are you kidding me?? Do you know how many babies are being killed today and will continue to be killed until something is done to stop it?

I cannot tell you how encouraging was every scritch scratch of the pen on the paper as another person signed his name.

I cannot tell you how hot the tears were in my eyes when a lady said as she signed, "I had an abortion several years ago and it has hurt me every day since."

I cannot tell you how many people "didn't know abortion was legal." Well, ma'am, I'm here to tell you it is, will you please sign your name andincludeyourmiddleinitial. And have you been living under a rock for the years since Roe v. Wade?

I even had to explain to about five older people what abortion was. That really hurt. I didn't like saying the words out loud, because they're so hideous. But every time I said them, they became more real, and every time the reality sank in further I realized that I have been building a rock wall up around that area of my mind and heart ever since I knew what abortion was, because I just didn't want to think about it. This week, that wall crashed.

I'm so glad it has.

Because no matter how much rejection stings, no matter how awful the truth is, no matter how stupid some people are, I would rather be out there praying with all my might and working my feet until they beg for mercy than sitting at home pushing uncomfortable thoughts away.

This week, my heavenly Father has taken my weakness and inability, (because I have realized more than ever that I cannot make people do what is right, no matter how much I wish to,) and has shown me more and more of His kindness and strength. I have learned in a beautiful way that when He calls us to obey, it doesn't necessarily mean there will be success, but it does mean that He will guide us.

There will be no success in this unless God blesses our efforts. Please pray with me that He will, and mostly that through this, whether this petition gets to the ballot or not, His name will be mightily glorified in our State and in our lives.

p.s. I got pooped on TWICE by nasty little birds hiding in the Piggly Wiggly letters above the entrance who were obviously pro-choice. Heather was laughing at me, until they decided to give her a little bit of joy too... in her hair.

Also, I have an ink stain on my favorite pair of khaki pants from some dude dropping the pen. How it managed to fall in such a way as to leave an ink stripe on my pants is beyond me. I mean, you probably couldn't even do that on purpose.


Jacob said...

You can't know how helpful this was to me. God bless you.

RileyDad said...

Thank you for your service to God & your unborn neighbors. May He hear our cry & bless our efforts.
May each of us be willing to do the little tedious things (like in Nehemiah's time).

May none us rebuild "the walls in our mind" that allow us to ignore the cries of the helpless wherever they are.

And may the Lamb who was slain receive the full reward for His suffering

Emily said...

Someone once said to Daddy, 'I'm not fine anymore-and I don't ever want to be fine again.'

I'm glad this work is a blessing to you.