Thursday, February 11, 2010

I wish it was.

Today, while driving:

Me: "Oh, look at those two beavers in the snow!"

Mama: "Maybe they thought it was Narnia."


Nathan said...

that's funny

Olivia said...

Hey! I'm really glad I found your blog!
Let me tell you who I am, lol I am Olivia Johnson, part of the homeschool cross-country team. You cheered for me at the Saltillo xc meet-but I probably did not acknowege you while running...or anyone else (not just you, lol)
Anyway, I have been reading some of your older post, you are SO funny. I hope you come to my blog sometime!

Katie said...

Hey, Olivia. I totally did not acknowledge anyone when I ran, (and mostly thought, "why are you yelling? you get out here and run, if you're so excited about it!") so I understand how it is.

Catherine said...

Meet "Mo". She's my pal,she known about you,and now your know bout her...TA DA
Hee hee

Amy said...

I have moments like this all the time. A mouse in a trap results in: What if he was a talking beast?
A trip into a closet: I'm going to Narnia! Be right back! And monkeys are the devil.