Monday, February 8, 2010

Rudolph's red nose has nothing on mine right now.

Last night I went to sleep in a brown, soggy mushland, and this morning I woke up to fairyland. We had full run of the yard, because the fairies themselves were bundled up in their wee houses, sipping rose hip tea out of acorns and comfortably roasting their feet over a pine needle fire. (If you don't believe me, I'm sorry. It's quite true, however. I myself stumbled across a large party of them throwing snowballs at each other in the cedar tree, snugly wrapped up in fur tippets created from bits of cast off cat fur which they painstakingly collected in preparation for just such a snowy day.)

Laura made a snowlady. I'm quite jealous of her hair.

Mamsie and me.

We convinced my Mamaw to get dressed and come out. Six inches of snow doesn't happen every year in north Mississippi!

Now we're inside, thawing out our stiff fingers, ice-chip toes, and afore-mentioned red noses with soup and hot cocoa, preparing to consume large amounts of snow cream. (Snow cream is absolutely amazing, by the way, in case you're a poor creature who has never had the sweet, creamy delight which I'm pretty sure the gods on Mount Parnassus would have eaten had they existed.)


Courtney said...

I'm jealous! Save me some snow cream! :)

Jacob said...

My.Mouth. At this.
It snowed and sleeted for a while in New Albany this morning, but no sooner was the ground slightly encumbered than it rained and washed it all away.

Catherine said...

Unfair,we have tried to make snow cream...Um,it didn't out so good...but I bet your's is good

Katie said...

Sorry, people. Just move to Falkner. That's where it's all happening.

Hannah said...

It snowed like that just about everywhere, except New Albany! There were actually people snowed in around the Potts Camp area.

Emily said...

Wrong, Hannah. It snowed that way everywhere except New Albany AND PONTOTOC!!!! You know, Pontotoc. The No-Snow Zone.

Courtney said...

Except New Albany and Pontotoc AND TUPELO!!!!

Emily said...

and probably Florida and Australia and Zimbabwe and Hawaii . . .

Jean Marie said...

did someone say Florida? :D

Hahaha....Betsin...check my blog, and prepare to SHRIEK! :D

Love you!!!
~ Tacin

Jean Marie said...

....after all, I did some shrieking when I saw all the recent pictures on your blog, and mygoodnessgracious are you not the most adorable thing ever and so is your Mama and Grandmother....and myword I want to come beat you in a snowball fight.


We could totally take on Herbert Humphreys....but maybe not, because actually like him.


~ Tacin

Katie said...

Tacin, WE could take on Joe and Tony and Herbert AND Cab all at once, I'm sure. If we had Tib to help, that is.