Saturday, July 10, 2010

We may have to start keeping a hoe by our bed. And using it with regularity.

Last night, as I peered under the bed to find something, I discovered that one of the sticky traps we keep there had captured, not one, but two, lizards.

In our bedroom.

Underneath our bed.

Two. Lizards.

Now, on one hand, I'm delighted that they were caught. Because I'm sure they had dark and evil purposes in mind, because they're oh-so-closely related to snakes, and all snakes are practically demons. Yes, they are. Don't dispute me. Lizards are okay outside - often they're even pretty - but inside? Uh, uh. I don't even think so.

But there's a downside to seeing them cold and stiff on the sticky trap. I like knowing they're caught, but actually seeing them there lets me know that they were there. And where some come, more very likely come. More that perhaps are smarter than their now-dead relatives and manage to avoid the sticky traps. Which means they scamper merrily underneath our bed. And perhaps climb up into the bed. Where we are innocently sleeping.

What if this is happening every night?

I mean, if there had only been one lizard! I would've thought, "oh, a stray lizard wandered through and just happened to come in our room and explore under our bed." That would not have been the best thought ever, but it would be a bushel basket better than seeing two, and thinking that this probably isn't a random occurrence. It may be normal for lizards to come into our room. And where lizards can come, sn...



...sorry, I can't even say the word, it's such a horrible thought.

*Those things* can come, too.

Do they make mosquito netting, except instead of keeping mosquitoes out, it's designed to keeps lizards and... their relatives... out? Because I'm not really feeling secure and relaxed cuddled up in my nice soft bed anymore, thinking about the unfortunate likelihood of sharing my nice soft bed with a cold, slimy, slithery creature.

Wow, I'll be getting some great rest tonight.


Lolly said...

SO sorry - ucky yuck. I think lizards don't like cotton sheets. Yeah, I definitely heard that somewhere...for sure. Most certainly.

Amongchosen said...

I don't have a snake phobia, as I have an eldest DAUGHTER who regularly catches them every summer, & some have been let loose in the HOUSE! I have, however, had arachnophobia. When we first found brown recluse spiders in our house in 1995, I couldn't sleep all night for like, 2 weeks. I would get up all hours of the night killing this night population that came out from under the baseboards, look behind picture frames, cupboards, oh..., everywhere. (I did put a HUGE dent in their population over the years! It is rare to see one now) I just finally had to deal with my flustered emotions with God & find rest in that "He orders the steps of the spiders.." Nothing can touch us apart from His sovereignty. Hannah has never in all her 15 years, been bitten (like was my biggest fear...they can do all sorts of TERRIBLE things to a newborn if bitten, such as shut their kidneys down, was my biggest fear) You just have to put your heart at rest in Him. Maybe the lizards will eat your spiders & maybe the never mind...will eat the lizards. ;-)

Amy said...

Yikes! Just get a canopy bed and make the canopy our of the sticky stuff!

Emily said...

Lizards are awesome. Outside. In the zoo.

Claire said...

Mom did catch two very young, small sna..s in her basement in sticky traps!!!!
Oh, and a baby bat in one in the attic!
I happy dance around every trap that has a spider in it, though. All spiders should DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once Sarah and I found a dead copper head stuck to the tape that we put on the hole between the wall and the floor, behind Sarah's toy kitchen.
I'm done.

the H