Saturday, August 14, 2010

At least he was prepared.

As I walked into the Library day before yesterday, I noticed a shirtless man slouching down the sidewalk towards me, beer belly jiggling with each step. As he reached the Library door, he fished a wadded up t-shirt out of his pocket and pulled it on as he walked inside.

My day was so much improved by yon show of just how classy Tippah County is.


Julie McAfee said...

ROFL!! In my head, I am trying to picture the man you are referring to. I am sure that I know him, because we have many that come in the drugstore that way.

They Call Me Thumper said...

Tippah County's version of classy sounds just like Walker County's version

Jacob said...

Pontotoc is like that on steroids. It's sad to see how many places in our own state are like hoods or third world countries. And I joke and am disgusted at such sights, but it really is a testimony to how many people and places need the Gospel