Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Courtney,

You remember the morning we made waffles together after our first spend-the-night? When I stirred the waffles with my hands, (because the lumps just wouldn't come out with a whisk,) and you didn't run screaming from the house, I knew we were going to be best friends.

And I was right.

Happy Birthday. I love you.



Courtney said...

Dear Katie,
I remember. How could I forget? I had to sift flour by hand.
You were so right. I love you, dear. :)

Katie Larissa said...

not sift flour, beat egg whites. until i remembered that nifty little creature, the electric beater.

oh, my. the follies of our youth.

Courtney said...

Um, right...

I meant that I was to perform some straining & laborious task. And I had sore arms for a few days.

But who cares? I love you.

Emily said...

oh wow . . . I was going to leave some comment about having no problem with stirring batter by hand if it works . . . but I changed my mind after I saw the comments. You asked her to beat eggs by hand and she did it? You're definitely destined for lifelong friendship.

Sarah and Catherine once spent an entire Sunday afternoon trying to beat eggs by hand just to prove they could. It never worked.

Katie Larissa said...

well, i realized my mistake about five minutes into the beating process.

so that makes it... a little better.

Anonymous said...

Emily- actually it did work. we put it in an Easter egg and gave it to Tyler.