Sunday, December 13, 2009

I should sue.

Did you know that according to NASA, the biggest meteor shower of 2009 is tonight? I had forgotten all about it until about fifteen minutes ago, and since I was up anyway, and prime viewing is around midnight, and since I'm a shooting star junkie, I bundled up in a big robe and warm socks, pulled pallet stuff out, slipped crocs on, shoved a bottle of water in my pocket, grabbed one of the kittens to keep vigil with me, and gaily marched out of the carport into... rain.


It was nicely drizzling and totally overcast.


Courtney said...

Sad. I'll tell me dad. We could work something out.

By the way you're picture's amazing. Did Joseph take it?

Katie said...

Yeah, he did. He's immensely talented.

I was thinking maybe I'd have a case for false advertisement on NASA's part, since they assured it would be beautiful in your local area around midnight.

Jean Marie said...

THAT made me laugh out loud. It is exactly the sort of thing I would do, and you described it "sa' weel", as we say it in Scot. Haha. Or as I say it in Scot. I know. I SO wanted to watch it...but it was sooo foggy here. Not a wee bit of a chance.

If I lived closer, I would SO come over and snuggle and mew at your kittens...and not take one home.

You're welcome, Betsy-Tacin.

~ Tacy-Betsin