Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bless his little heart.

Just after I started driving on my own, Trey and I had the following conversation:

Trey: "So, you need to learn to pump gas."

Me: "Ummm... I'm not really worried about that."

Trey: (with an incredulous stare) "Well, you should be! Sweetheart, you have to know how to pump gas! How do you think you're going to manage without knowing that?"

Me: "I've thought about it, and I figure that I'll just observe about three or four times and then I'll have it down pat."

Trey: "But if you're driving on your own, you won't have anybody to observe. You need to learn how to pump gas."

Me: "You obviously haven't heard my Brilliant Plan."

Trey: (very dubiously) "What brilliant plan?" (It wasn't capitalized when he said it... obviously he had no idea how very Brilliant of a Plan it was.)

Me: "It's quite simple. I drive up to the gas station, look around for a good ole' country boy who just thrives on helping ladies, put on my sweetest, naive-est, most helpless smile, and say, 'Oh, I forget how to do this - I don't suppose you could help me? Oh, you could? Wonderful!' and then I get my gas pumped without lifting a finger, and eventually I'll learn how to do it myself."

Trey: (No comment; swerves into the nearest gas station) "Like I said, you need to learn how to pump gas."

Soon after, he got me a taser. I think he was worried about what my Brilliant Plan for self-defense might be. It was rock-solid, I promise. But I'm pretty grateful for the taser, just the same.


Emily said...

My Brilliant Plan is don't drive without somebody to do it for me. That will work even better.

Jennifer said...

ROFL, Katie, that was so funny!

Anonymous said...


Emily, are you driving?

Hannah Brandon

turinsblog said...

So, if I conceive as brilliant a plan as you did, do I get a Taser?