Thursday, July 30, 2009

When They Grow Up...

Laura and I have talked over the kid's career choices, and feel that the following is inevitable:

Ethan will be in some kind of administrator position. Not sure what exactly, but it will be administering something. Maybe he'll be a highschool principle or an army sergeant.

Lee will be a Davy Crockett reenactor. It's definitely his calling in life.

Ben is destined for opera. One day, I'll be able to say, "That dude up there on stage with the gleaming diamond pins and the voice that's lifting the roof? Yeah, he's my nephew. Let me tell ya', he lifted the roof when he was little, too."

Jackson is going to be a Senator. And a lawyer. Both. Oh, yes.

Phoebe is going to be America's first female dictator. Benevolent dictator, maybe, just so long as she controls everything.

Charlie is going to be the world's biggest flirt. She takes the older boys and wraps them around her little finger, or clings to them like a dryer sheet to a t shirt.

Isaiah is going to be a world famous auctioneer. Because he can yell it like it is.

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turinsblog said...

"Phoebe is going to be America's first female dictator."
Have you ever considered getting one of those blog radio things? Because I can hear The Imperial March loud in clear in the background.